Arlo Camera's not working when contact sensors or othe motion sensors are activated as of August 28th

I am having issues with my automations for my six Arlo camera’s. They record when they detect motion on the camera itself but do not record when contact sensors or other motion sensors are activated like they are programed to. This started happening around August 28th about the time of the last firmware update. They have been working fine for over a year. Is anyone else having this problem? It is easy for me to tell because I have motion sensors outside that cause two camera’s to record when it is activated. I have no recordings from this motion sensor. It shows up in the history so I know they are working.

I have the same problem. Contacted support at Arlo and SmartThings with the problem. Hopefully this will get fixed soon.

I noticed same issue staring Sept 1. My Custom Rules under Smart Home Monitor (Smart Things Classic) are no loner triggering recordings, yet the devices that trigger the recording are still functioning as before.

Manually triggered recordings are still saved.

ST Support asked that I recreate the rule, which I did, but it still is not working

Thanks for letting me know you are having the same problem too. I have an incident created but no one at the Smart Things help desk seemed to realize this was a issue. I got a message that a hotfix firmware update was coming out September 10th. I hope this fixes the problem.

Mike - Did you see anything yesterday regarding the hotfix firmware?


Yes I saw it and my hub was upgraded but it did not resolve the issue. All of my motion sensors I have outside turn on my lights as programed but do not activate the cameras still.

I am having the same issue on my end as well, even after the hotfix. Have tried everything and still can’t get recordings on Arlo end. This is the first I’m posting on smartthings side but I contacted Arlo and they said it was a smartthings issue. I tend not to believe it though. My issue started happening on 9/30 which is when Arlo released a firmware update for the Arlo base. I have not had a smartthings trigger recording since.

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