Arlo Interface with SmartThings for motion alerts?


Arlo Base: VMB4000r3
Cameras: Pro2

Smartthings Hub: V3

On or about 3 weeks ago, I have LOST 2-Way communications between Arlo and Smartthings.

SmartThings App still can control the Cameras to be switched ON or OFF and/or to View the Camera.
However, Smartthings no longer receive Motion Detection messages, from Arlo, which were used to control an Automation in Smartthings.
Such as; If my Porch Camera detected Motion, besides recording such in Arlo, it would send a message was sent to Smartthings which triggered my Automation to Turn On the Porch Light,
After noticing the Porch Light was no longer coming on, I looked into Smartthings Activity Log and found “No Activity” for ANY of the Cameras over the past 3 weeks.

I have 2 Smartthings Systems, one at each House I own.
This problem has occurred at BOTH locations.
No modifications were made by me, other than allow Smartthings to update the Smartthings NEW App…

The only way that found to correct this was to remove Each Camera, and remove the Arlo Interface using the IDE, and starting over, adding the Arlo System back into Smartthings.
As a result, SmartThings and Arlo are working 2-way.

However, when I re-do the second location, the 2-way motion reporting stops at the first location I just re-did and only would now only work at the second location.
So, I went back are reconfigured the first location, then it worked, but not the second.

Frustrated !

I have a subscription.

This was all working well for the past year until 3 weeks ago.

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