Arlo subscription required for "Activity Zone" feature w/ST

After thinking it was a bug and spending time with Arlo support on the phone, I have been informed that a subscription is required to get the “activity zone” feature to work with SmartThings integration.
This is a disappointment – has anyone else run into this? Basically whenever I edit the zones to enable them within the ST custom mode within Arlo, those settings get rewritten back to the default of detecting movement “everywhere”.

The zones feature works fine in the native Arlo “armed” mode (settings persist), just not in the ST custom mode.

Lack of the zone capability makes the camera’s detection feature unusable in my application. I have alternate ST sensors I can trigger off for recording, but had expected to be able to leverage the camera’s feature as an additional sensor for improved robustness.

Anyone else using Arlo’s with ST run into this, and can confirm the Arlo zones actually work with ST when you have the subscription?

It’s really annoying to have to purchase and deploy these devices to find out what doesn’t work as expected… not like its called out anywhere in the documentation;-).

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Do you know which subscription is required? I noticed this recently and thought it was a bug with the integration (it used to work). But if it is a subscription I will be dissapointed!

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I wasn’t told a name for the particular subscription level, but the guy said it was $2.99/mo. I haven’t bothered checking their website for a list/description of various subscriptions - he said it was detailed there.

Maybe worth submitting a bug report to get an independent official confirmation from Arlo.

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As far as I know, activity zones are only active with a plan…

I don’t believe it ever worked. The settings may persist, but do they actually do anything?

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