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Arlo Cams coming in few weeks


I bought rechargeable batteries (even though not recommended by Netgear they work perfectly fine) and I am very happy so far. Don’t have to worry about battery live anymore. I keep my video setting on Best Quality and some cams are Armed all the time. I recharge batteries every 2-3 month.

(Bobby) #102

I am not worried about cost of batteries. Is the inconvenience of getting up and down the ladder to change the batteries, then readjust the cam. I tried rechargeable batteries, but found that they discharge much faster than non-rechargeable.

(Sean) #103

Where do you see the battery percentages at? I only a stupid icon.

(Bobby) #104

Under settings, click on the cam then you’ll see…

(Brad) #105

Settings-my devices


Best camera options for SmartThings integration
(Bobby) #107

(Paul Ockenden) #108

That looks ready for release…

(Subtle hint)


Just wondering, will we be able to watch ST recorded clips in both ST app and Arlo app library?

(Allan Skipper) #110

OK, just bought two Arlos!!! :wink:

(Bobby) #111

Hey @Tyler does it come with Image Capture capability?

    capability "Refresh"
    capability "Video Camera"
    capability "Video Capture"
    capability "Battery"
    capability "Motion Sensor"
    capability "Signal Strength"
    capability "Switch"


Yes, clips triggered through Smart Home Monitor (from SmartThings) are viewable as part of an “incident”. You can also configure your Arlo mode to record clips on their end as well.

(M Li) #114

Allan, I’ve been using the Arlo for the last 13 months and I can report that I have replaced the batteries for the cameras I have once per device. So, for me, the batteries last about 6 months or so.

My caveat is that all of the devices are indoors and not exposed to extreme temperatures and the elements (which will decrease battery performance).

(Allan Skipper) #115

Thanks. I can live with the battery life in the stories shared, so I am not concerned anymore. I just bought two Arlos a few hours ago, so can’t wait to get them delivered and for ST to make the integration publicly available.

(Bobby) #116

Are we waiting for a full mobile apps update, or just minor back end adjustments?

(Sean) #117

I do not see anything mentioning battery under the cameras. Do you have an Andriod? I have an iPhone but don’t know why that would be different unless they couldn’t get that to work for some reason and didn’t put much time into it.

(Bobby) #118

Yes, Android, but previous screenshot was from Windows. Here is full device page on Android


A full mobile update is coming this week and that should be the last piece in place to release the integration.

(Michael Gauthier) #120

Anyone use the PoE arlo? and will it integrate into SmartThings as well?