Arlo integration borked again?

For the last 3 weeks my Arlo cameras have stopped sending motion alerts and won’t record anything.
I’ve reset the Arlo hub and they work until the get connected to ST. Then they not reporting anything to ST nor Arlo. The cameras show motion (Amber LED on camera) but nothing is being recorded in ST.

Found a topic in the Arlo communitysaying this only happens to the WMB4000 basestation which is exactly what I have…

Anyone else having the same issue and have found a workaround?
Would the Arlo Pilot custom app sort this?

Does the central ST support know about this?
Is there a fix in progress and is there a timetable for it?
Right now my alarmsystem is disabled and that doesn’t feel very good to be honest…


I have not had any issues with my Arlo cameras, but I use web core to send me notifications, I look at the videos in the Arlo app and on the web portal, mostly via the web portal… Recordings have been fine.

Odd as mine won’t record nor report motion, do you have it integrated with SHM?

This is the arlo thread so I’m not alone anyway…

I think there has been an update and a subscription is required for the motion to trigger recordings. I have reverted to only use ST to trigger on/off switching of the cameras. The rest I leave to the Arlo app.

It’s super annoying though.

I don’t use SHM. I use the motion on my cameras to turn on lights and send me notifications through ST. The notifications were working fine as of about 5 minutes ago. I just got a notification that one of my cameras detected motion. The lights were working this morning when I left for work.

I enable and disable the cameras by turning them on and off based on a virtual switch. That has been working as well.