Arlo camera not sending notifications

I have two Arlo Q cameras and have added them to SmartThings as per the instructions on the Arlo website. The Front Camera works and created a ‘Mode’ for SmartThings, the Kitchen camera does not. I have configured a Routine as well as tried creating a Custom Monitor to send a Push Notification when there is movement or sound but I don’t receive notifications despite a recording being made. The routine to switch the camera on and off is working and sending a notification but I don’t receive a notification when there is motion or audio. Any thoughts? please don’t suggest deleting, resetting camera and resyncing Arlo account as I have tried this. Everything looks to be correct but I can’t get it working.

This picture shows the created ‘Mode’ for one but not the other.

My experience is that the Arlo cameras do not send notices unless they sense movement while in the armed state, even though they are linked. To that end, I found I had to separately arm the cameras through the Arlo app then arm ST. The switch in the ST app for the linked cameras does not arm them, it seems to only turn then on or off.

I eventually unlinked the two systems because linking them made my security scheme rather hysterical.