Are there server issues tonight?

(Spec) #1

Are there issues going on with the server tonight? The api seems horribly slow, some of my devices are delayed and some are not functioning at all? I had a red bar on my app for a short time as well.

(Brian S. Lowrance) #2

Its terrible tonight. The IDE keeps making me login. It’s not saving SmartApp code changes when I hit Save and Publish For Me.

(Spec) #3

I have the constant login issues as well.

(Greg Fountain) #4

Yup, crash and burn… yawn.

According to the Platform Status all things are go. The status page must not update automatically.

(The fish is still dead.) #5

…and yet the status page says all is well.


(Greg Fountain) #6

All is not well when the SmartAlert Siren is blaring with no way to turn it off… short of unplugging the thing. #FAIL

(Todd Wackford) #7

Has anyone submitted issue to support? I’m not seeing issue. If you do please submit.

(Spec) #8

Just submitted a support ticket.

(Mike Maxwell) #9

And I thought I was the only one enjoying the endless spin cycle…

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #10

I sent one at 513pm pst; no response as of yet.

(Ron S) #11

Looks like all the motions sensors, multis and door notifications via so is has stopped working since 9 am.