Are there server issues tonight?

Are there issues going on with the server tonight? The api seems horribly slow, some of my devices are delayed and some are not functioning at all? I had a red bar on my app for a short time as well.

Its terrible tonight. The IDE keeps making me login. It’s not saving SmartApp code changes when I hit Save and Publish For Me.

I have the constant login issues as well.

Yup, crash and burn… yawn.

According to the Platform Status all things are go. The status page must not update automatically.

…and yet the status page says all is well.


All is not well when the SmartAlert Siren is blaring with no way to turn it off… short of unplugging the thing. #FAIL

Has anyone submitted issue to support? I’m not seeing issue. If you do please submit.

Just submitted a support ticket.

And I thought I was the only one enjoying the endless spin cycle…

I sent one at 513pm pst; no response as of yet.

Looks like all the motions sensors, multis and door notifications via so is has stopped working since 9 am.