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Are there any smart Locks that work with Mortise type doors?

(Idlemind) #1

I have metal Brownstone doors with mortise-type locks. Are there any smart locks for this type?

I read something about an add-on backpack device that turns the lock for you… seems like vaporware tho…

(Brian Smith) #2

Would Lockitron work for you?

(Idlemind) #3

Will not fit mortise locks… :weary:

(Brian Schill) #4

Are there any updates on mortise locks? I’m in a condo that wants to keep the outside appearance similar.

(Idlemind) #5

This one claims to work with Mortise locks… but ihave not tried it.

(Idlemind) #6

(David) #7

I just did about an hour of googling to see if there is anything out there for those of us with older doors. Not yet… If anyone sees anything, let me know! I have a keen interest to add z-wave to my front door!

(Sean Walton) #8

They are geared more toward building managers and hotels but the Saflok Quantum series has a mortise lock option and will look very similar from the outside. I think the management hardware may not be cost effective for one door.

(Sarah Pham) #9

IF you have a deadbolt on top, an un-keyed lever below, and the mortise cylinder where you insert the key lines up with the bolt, then it’s very similar to my setup in my last apartment.

What I did won’t work on other mortise setups where the bolt is much lower than the cylinder (mostly commercial doors like this Yale mortise.

I was able to pop the old cylinder + deadbolt out of the mortise, and replace with the the Schlage Touch with Handleset, still using the original mortise. It does change the outside appearance since it has the touchscreen, but you might be able to get a similar set up with a separate smart deadbolt and lever.

(Jim) #10

we have many in various configurations!

Mortise access control locksPreformatted text

(Mark) #11

Jim, just to be clear, are you saying that you offer smart locks for mortise style doors that are compatible with SmartThings (i.e., uses a Z-Wave or Zigbee radio, or has some proprietary integration solution mimicking same)? If you do, you have a bunch of customers, including me.

I’m hoping this is not the case, but perhaps you didn’t notice that you were posting on a SmartThings board?