Are there any smart bulbs for a 6" canned fixture?

Our house has 6" BR40 style bulbs. Hues come in a BR40 but they look too small in the fixture and probably wouldn’t put off enough light. Are there any other options?

Is there a reason you don’t want to use regular bulbs paired with Z-wave or Zigbee switches instead?

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Because I haven’t seen a combination of dimmers and energy efficient bulbs that work well.

Any of the dimmable LED BR40 should work fine. They are made for dimmers, the non dimmable go wonkey quick when you try to dim them.

You have lots to choose from:

I’m using BR30 GE Link bulbs and they’ve been great so far. My house has…interesting wiring, so the switches are not always an option for me. They don’t have a frosted lens on them, so the look can be unappealing to some, but I like them.

Has anyone tried lightly sanding that clear dome to see if it gives it a frosted look? I’m curious if it would work, but all my A19’s are all in covered fixtures, so I’ve never been so curious as to try it.

I haven’t tried these but they are ZigBee and have adjustable color temp.

There was a post on reddit ( ) a few months ago saying the Lightify folks would be bringing some BR30 bulbs and RT 5 /6 fixtures soon. It sounds like they should be available in the next couple of months.

I use a variation of these, that have brushed nickel trim, and a GE dimmer. Love them. 4 of them.

The OSRAM Lightify BR30 bulbs are now certified on Smartthings. We reviewed the Lightify system this past week, during the review we found the BR30’s not working with SmartThings but worked with OSRAM and they were able to get them working for us. The will not show up under Lighting yet, but if you go to “Connect Now” it will find them. Just be sure to turn the bulb off/on, off/on, off/on within about 3 seconds so that it pairs properly.

Works for us, and should work for you. These are great floods for indoor use.