Looking for black dimmer switch

I am looking for a zwave or ZigBee switch to replace the dimmers in our house. I would like to keep the decorative switch plates we have and would also like the color (black) to match.

The dimmers we have are small switches (not paddles) with small sliders right next to the switch. Kind of like this:

So something like this would work, but I would prefer it to be black:

Does anyone know of a device like this?


Did you see this one ?

Thanks, yes, I’ve seen similar switches to that one, but they won’t fit under the decorative switch plates. The switch needs to be the same form factor as the original so the plates still work.

I noticed also that Linear makes “Color change kits” but I only seem to find them for switch not dimmer.

Maybe contact Linear, Lutron, GE and see if any of them can supply black color change kit.

Interesting idea. I didn’t realize that was an option. I’ll do some more research. Thanks.

It looks like color change kits are only available for the rocker-type switches. I haven’t seen any companies that offer that for the traditional toggle switches.

My searches reveal the same. Bummer. Only other idea I have is…:wink:

Not a bad idea. That might be what I end up doing since there doesn’t seem to be a factory solution.

The only other ones I know are the Ubiquiti ones but as far as I am aware they aren’t compatible with ST, thought it might not be difficult for some of the pros to work on. They are WiFi based:

Did you ever find one? I am looking for a black one as well to match my decor.

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Several companies make black switches, but you almost always have to special order them.

As it happens, there is one online retailer, Westside Wholesale electronics, which tends to carry black ones as well, so you can check there.


GE and Cooper definitely make black Z wave switches and Lutron makes their Caseta line in black. In the case of GE, you buy the white ones and then buy a black switch cover and change it out.

Here is the manufacturer site for the GE switches (they are made by jasco under license to GE). The plate covers are at the very end of the page.