Smart alternative for BR40 bulbs?


I was wondering if there are any good smart bulbs for a BR40 bulb for 6 inch recessed lights? I see a few BR30s which have some Zwave or Zigbee integration, but nothing bigger. Is it okay to use a BR30 in a BR40 space? Will it produce too little light for the room?


BR’s usually have a wide angle so I would imagine the 30’s should work fine. There will just be a space between the trim and the bulb due to the smaller size. You would be better off getting a Z wave or Zigbee dimmer if you have multiple bulbs though and then you can use any type of BR bulb.

I know that a switch would probably be better and easier, but I’m not comfortable with installing that myself just yet. Also, most switches on the market use the large paddle toggles, which would not fit in with the rest of the electrical switches in the house (e.g. there are no faceplate configurations for what I want). Even the toggle switches don’t quite match up with the other switches in the house.

You could also use PAR30/38’s but the beam angle is usually around 45 degrees. .

Edit: You could also use something like this, if you don’t end up finding a bulb you like. But it will require removing the switch to add the module.

Anyone find smart BR40 bulbs?

I’ve only been able to find this PAR38 smart bulb.