Are Smart Speakers Here to Stay?

The daily challenge: “What do you use your smart speaker for? What do you wish it could do? Share your thoughts…”

…and an opinion…

I wanted a smart speaker to:

Initially, I wanted to just play music and turn on/off smart home devices…

Then I learned about the Echo. Purchased a couple but alot of features were missing. I thought, what if this could be used to connect multiple Echo devices together for multi-room audio… So this became a want in a Smart Speaker.

Aww man, what if you could use this to put things on your calendar and even shopping list?!

Then I thought, wow, this would be soooo cool if you could use these as intercom to talk to other rooms without getting off the couch!

Then I thought, well, I really don’t need the big echo because I really like these but wish they had an audio out jack and a smaller footprint…

Then came the Dot! Wow, this thing is awesome!

Then came the intercom features and multi-room audio!

What?! You can now make phone calls!

I wish this thing could control the volume on my TV.
I wish this thing could report the status of different devices in the house!

All was well.

The Echo Spot looks to be the most promising as I longed for visual feedback but refused to pay the premium for the Echo Shows.

The only thing I am waiting on now is the ability to “send” to the Echo devices.

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