Stop or Pause Amazon Echo

Has anyone figured out a way to do this via smartthings? I have a harmony and it’s not able to add the Echo as a device (I’ve contacted support to ask for it) and nothing via IFTT (I’ve also contacted Amazon to ask for an action to do this). My family has become accustom to everything shutting off when they leave so I’m looking for a way to make this happen, or I’ll just have to wait for Amazon or Logitech to come through.

The simplest way I guess is to plug the echo to a smart outlet that’s controlled by ST…

I did this for awhile, sometimes it wouldn’t connect back to wifi and id have to reset it, and the startup “hello” is also annoying.

How exactly would you expect either ST or your Harmony remote to be able to control Alexa or your Alexa device(s) (except for the aforementioned use of a smart plug)?

I guess you could create an mp3 and load it onto a aeotec doorbell, or use a text-to-speech app with a connected speaker, that says “Alexa off.” Then you set the sound to trigger when presence sensors say everyone has left, when there’s no motion, whatever you want to indicate that no one’s home.

Amazon echos and dots aren’t designed to be controlled in any manner besides a person (or a recording) speaking directly to them, AFAIK.


Here is a project where someone did something similar…

The easiest way would be to get the harmony to send a pause or stop command. But you can’t program the harmony with the Alexa remote yet. The other way would be an IFTTT action to pause, but it doesn’t exist.

This would work but seems like overkill for what I need.

You guys are too funny! Seems like the easiest thing would be to use a simple routine to do it and eliminate the extra step of having to tell Alexa to shut everything off.

Conditions are met in ST then you need to send out a message to Alexa to tell her to tell ST to shut down everything. I don’t get the logic here…

I am just being nosy here, but whatss the end game?

This seems like the best option so far, between the alexa remote and the microbot that’s $80, we’ll see if I can hold out or get bored and buy them.

For when the echo is playing music to stop/pause the music.

Oh! Well, have you thought about getting a cheap tablet and then blutoothing it to the echo and send the commands to the tablet? This is what I do.

I actually use it for siren, bell, voice synth, music player and universal remote. All accessible via CoRE.

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No, it’s a BT remote…which is why I was asking how he expected his Harmony to control an Echo.

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Send them how? The Echo doesn’t have an IR receiver.

He wants to activate the “Mute” function, which you can’t do via the BT profile you’re using.

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Harmony is capable of BT their database just doesn’t have the remote as a device (yet)

Harmony is has the Fire TV as a remote so hopefully it’s only time and enough people asking for it to get the Echo Remote


Now that’s interesting, and I did not know that…even though I have a Harmony Hub.

So there’s a remote that works with echo?

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