Samsung multiroom speakers and Echo/Alexa and Spotify

I have a number of Samsung multiroom speakers (4) that are connected via the wifi with Samsung multiroom hub. I now have an amazon echo and want to control the grouping/volume of the speakers via voice or via an app. Is the Samsung smart thing hub the right tool to do this?
Any insight or knowledge gratefully received - this is my first venture in to a more connected home. Next stop - lights!

Hi Darren & welcome to the forum!

I do similar multi-room audio and text-to-speech(tts) with similar wifi speakers and it does to work well. You can multi-room rock out in addition to getting notified when your mail gets delivered or whatever other scenario you want to come up with. Check out this for the audio setup:

The echo integrates pretty well and you can control most things you can add to smartthings. I haven’t dug that deep into the integratio, mostly lights, routines and setting thermostat settings. I do turn on my smart TV via voice which makes me feel better about spending so much money on art everything. Some say the harmony TV remote setup is a good way to go for a near complete smart multimedia setup. I’m hoping Plex cast to TV via voice makes it onto Alexa before I shell out for a Google home.

Anyways, it’s fun and when you do get a hub, be sure to get setup on too.