Aqara Temp and Humidity sensor not displaying data

I’ve been happily running an Aqara humidity sensor with my v2.3.22 hub in my mountain house for a couple years now. It ran out of battery a couple months ago and I’ve just now been up and loaded a new battery. I got it to reconnect but it wouldn’t display any temperature or humidity, just “connected “, and it later disconnected. I can connect it again… same outcome… no data, and drops after 10-15 min.
I have only 34 devices in my 2 story 2400 soft house. two other Aqara sensors work fine. The one that is dropping is 8ft from the hub.

Is there a way to get the sensor working again?

Check that the problem one is using the same driver as the other two. I would remove it and then add it back.

Great suggestion
Two working sensors are on 2023-07-18T19:11:36.049958419

Not working is on 2023-06-13T18:57:39.903867937

How do I update the driver? When I click on select different driver, no results are found.

Are they using the same driver? Doesn’t make sense that you would have two devices using one version of a driver while a different device would be using a completely different one. AFAIK, only one version of a driver is installed on a hub.

As far as I know all the temp sensors are the same. It’s possible one was bought at a different time than the others and is a different version? The are all Aqara Temp and Humidity sensors and all look alike.

I just deleted and re added the offending sensor and it got the same driver. It does add as a “Zigbee Thing “ and not a “Humidity Sensor “

A device that adds as a “Thing” means either 1) there is no support for that device in the stock driver; or 2) the device did not pair properly with the hub and has an invalid fingerprint.

I’d check the new ST Advanced Web App and see what the manufacturer code is for that device.

OK, so this seems to be the problem! I’ve added that temperature sensor a few times, but it always gets added as a Zigbee Thing. The functioning temperature humidity sensors, all identify as Zigbee Humidity Sensor.
I’m trying to change the driver for the problem sensor from Zigbee Thing to Zigbee Humidity sensor. However, it throws me an error “ ensure that the driver you are trying to change to has a valid fingerprint match with this device.”

Is there a way to force it to recognize the device properly when I re-add it? Or a way to force it to except this driver?

Please post the manufacturer code for the device that identifies as a Thing.

Manufacturer Code is LUMI
Model is

the working humidity sensors show the same.

That should be supported by the temp/humidity sensor driver from @Mariano_Colmenarejo. Enroll in his channel here and install that driver.

Whole topic on the driver (EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc, Zigbee Temp Sensor with Thermostat Mc.


Thank you @h0ckeysk8er for guiding me to the solution. :slight_smile:
And thank you @Mariano_Colmenarejo for the driver!
Also super surprising that Mariano’s driver gets way more data out of the sensor than the default driver :slight_smile:

Really really appreciate the help. I’ve had a developing mold problem in my very small shower room… the sensor picks up high humidity in my shower closet and turns on the fan.
Thanks again!