Aqara Smart Lock U200 (Matter over Thread)

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Is there a comparison to the U100 version?

The U100 is a Zigbee lock which acts as a full replacement for your existing dumb lock. It can be bridged to matter using an Aqara Hub. It uses AA batteries.

The U200 is a Matter over thread lock which is a “retrofit” model: it fits over the top of the existing dumb lock and physically moves it. This also means that the keypad is a separate device, which gives you more options for where to put it.

The U200 lock has a built-in rechargeable battery and offers a “charging pouch“ which you can hang from the lock on the interior side of the door so that it will still work while it’s recharging. The keypad uses either AAA batteries or can be hardwired.

Functionality in the two is very similar in the aqara app. There will be some differences in the matter integration just because of the difference between matter over thread versus matter over bridge.

The U200 usually costs about 20% more than the U100, but prices vary and there are different deals available at different times.

So it’s a case where some people will prefer U100, some people will prefer the U200, and some won’t have a preference between them.

The U100 was never released for the EU, though, so the U200 is a big deal for people in that region. Particularly if they want to use Apple HomeKey.

I’m in the USA, so the U100 would be an option. What I’m seeing is that the U200 would have two separate power supplies plus a new deadbolt (in my case), the separate keypad to mount (I’m sure easy) but would connect via matter out of the box. For U100, I don’t need an existing deadbolt, have only one power supply, but would need the Agara hub to connect to ST? Also about $20-$30 cheaper if considering the hub cost. From my understanding avoiding Wi fi which seems to be popular for locks (not an issue for Agara) saves battery life? I like that the agars use a Gyroscope to determine if the door is open or closed. Yale uses a separate sensor that requires drilling into the jamb.

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You need an aqara hub that can act as a “matter bridge” for the U100. They have several different hub models with that functionality, and that offer very different features. So that’s just something you need to research. The least expensive option is the $30 e1.

I personally use the $130 g3 aqara camera which also works as a matter bridge because I have found it to be a really good camera to put inside the house, looking out through the window at the driveway. The camera functionality is not exposed to SmartThings, though, but does work with echo devices and Apple home, so it’s a good fit for my household. But if all you want is a matter bridge, the E1 is probably good enough.

BTW, the U50 is also very popular in North America. It’s basically a U100 without the fingerprint reader, so offered at a lower price.