Integrate Kwikset Halo?

Hi. Just installed a Kwikset Halo wifi lock. Looks like only Kwikset Z-wave/Zigbee door locks are supported out of the box. Is there any path to getting a Smartthings integration running - even if only a limited integration (eg locked/unlocked status)?

You can create a virtual lock using the vEdge Creator Edge driver and then use the Kwikset Smart Home Alexa skill to mirror the status of the lock from Alexa to ST using Alexa routines. You may also be able to do something similar with the IFTTT mobile app.

Edit: I neglected to mention that I do something similar with my Schlage Wi-fi locks. The one gotcha is that if you want to unlock a lock via an Alexa routine, you need to use an Alexa custom action to mimic doing a voice unlock (which you have to enable in the settings for the real lock). So, for example, if you use ST to unlock the virtual lock, your Alexa routine will be “If virtual lock unlocks then Alexa custom ‘unlock mylock using pin code xxxx’” which is a pin code you create when enabled voice unlocking.


Similar question: I would lean toward the Kwikset / Weiser Aura BT (for battery life reasons) and then use a 3rd party Hub/Bridge for WiFi connectivity. Yale does this with their Assure SL series, but bundle the bridge if you order the right kit.

Has anyone been able to connec to / manage the Aura lock in such a manner via bridge and still have app functionalty for remote user code management?

Not surprisingly, locks are among the most difficult device classes to reverse engineer, as they have a lot of security features to prevent doing exactly that.

Yale’s bridge is built by their own company, so it’s a completely different situation from a security standpoint.

The kwikset Aura series is intended only for local integration with their own app. They don’t integrate with any voice assistants and you don’t even have out of home control of the lock. Your phone has to be within Bluetooth range for it to work. Even the home assistant community hasn’t been able to build an integration for it. So I think that model is unlikely to have an integration anytime soon.


Perfect, thanks very much for your quick response. I kinda figured this would not be an easy feat or supported. I will go with the Halo series then with integrated WiFi as I need the remote management features.

I would actually prefer to go with the Yale Assure SL solution, but the lock is intended for use in Costa Rica (but will be purchased in Canada), and if others are not aware, that will no longer work. The crux of the issue is that Yale NA and LA (Latin America) split up as companies in mid 2023 meaning that any Yale Lock that was purchased in NA does not work with the app, nor is there any support when used in LA. For a NA lock purchased prior to this and used in LA I think it is grandfathered. FYI, see link below for more info on the Yale saga:

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