Aqara Door/Window Sensor not working as intended

I setup an aqara door/window sensor with the all the handlers from github and it works… sort of. I have tried all sort of methods for turning on my ge zwave light when the door is open, and off when its closed. But for some reason, it just randomly doesn’t work sometimes. I’ve tried watching the status of the sensor in the app and it always updates right away so that’s why I’m confused what I’m missing. I’ve tried routines, smart lighting and webcore pistons. Eventually the light stays on when I close the door or the light doesn’t turn on when I open it.

All device handlers will stop working soon and everything is being moved to edge drivers.
Search for the edge driver.

I’ve been having this problem for several months, you think that could be the cause?

There are lots of reported problems with aqara sensors going offline. I had the same problem with my sensors so returned them. I believe the aqara Zigbee protocol is the problem in keeping the sensors connected to a Zigbee mesh network.
I’m not sure if the edge drivers have improved their reliability to to stay online.

My issue hasn’t been with them staying online. The issue has been with Smartthings getting the events from the sensors and actioning that information. I can see the status changing in Smartthings but my routine isn’t always triggered

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Can you post a screenshot for any of the Routines that are not working properly for you? Are you using one or two pistons to turn the light off?

As for Smart Lighting and Webcore, you may wish to consider phasing those out as they are legacy groovy smartapps that will stop working when ST ends support for groovy on the platform.

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