Zigbee devices still offline since v2 update

Zigbee devices still offline since v2 update
And if remove and re-add they show as switch and not a door sensor

Any ideas?

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:

Exact brand and model of the device?

All of the Xiaomi Aqara Door Sensor

Been broken from 10pm BST on Wednesday night

Look at this to see if your model is included

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Open the windows and the sensors became online!
Where they didn’t I replaced the batteries!

And then check a short while maybe 10 mins and they showed offline again…
Opened window and online again
Check and no other driver available on hub?
Any ideas how to install another Zigbee driver ?

Quite some time ago now, you would have installed custom handlers for the Aqara sensors. We are now in one of the last phases of the automatic migration of devices from this legacy technology to, in this case, Edge drivers. Nothing much has changed in the ability, or lack of it, of SmartThings to support these older Aqara sensors out of the box so you needed to have provided a custom solution and as you probably didn’t even know you had to they did the best the could with what they had. The old Aqara contact sensors actually use a standard on/off for open/close so that is how the closest match ended up as a switch. That’s not to say they can’t have done better, but as they hadn’t done it previously it wasn’t a priority.

The online/offline behaviour you encountered is not unusual and it even happens with my certified IKEA Motion sensors. Basically offline in devices using Edge drivers just means a lack of expected radio messages in a certain period and they aren’t expecting the right things. When something is detected by the sensor it reports in and the right message is seen.

The bottom line is you need additional Edge drivers and a set has been suggested. They are distributed as URLs which are invitations to subscribe to a ‘channel’. If you open one in a web browser you can sign into your Samsung account and subscribe. You are then taken to a subscription URL where you can ‘enrol’ your hub in the channel and then select drivers to ‘install’ on your hub.

Once you have done that you should be able to use the ‘drivers’ menu on the device page in the mobile app to change the driver to the new one.

@Jds_uk, just in case it helps, I’ve been setting up Aqara “Door and Window” sensors recently (type E1) and as @orangebucket mentioned:

So they worked with the standard switch driver and on/off for me. As was also mentioned:

Since yesterday, you can now use the latest version of the “Zigbee Contact Mc” edge driver from @Mariano_Colmenarejo and his channel is here. You will be able to install the driver after clicking “subscribe”. He added support for the Aqara E1 Door & Window sensor yesterday and his driver already supports the T1 and P1 Door and Window Sensors so your device will probably be covered.