Aqara curtains advertised as blinds in the Smartthings Driver for Window Coverings

I have the Shade Driver and some Curtain Drivers by Aqara.
My Aqara hub is connected via Matter and it works perfectly. However - is there a way to force Smartthings to see that the curtain drivers are not blinds? The controls and icons are such.

And the bigger problem is that my Smartthings is connected to Google Home and I can’t ask Google to open/close ONLY the blinds since it considers everything blinds (unless I give the blinds some silly names …).

It seems that the Google Home device often uses the terms “shades”, “blinds”, and “curtains” interchangeably. This means that changing the device type in the SmartThings app may not solve the problem. However, you can try setting up a routine in the Google Home app with a specific phrase to control your window coverings.

Try to give the curtain name containing curtain in Google home. E.g. ‘kitchen window curtain’ then the Google should be able to distinguish the curtain only if u say curtain not blind

Nope, doesn’t work, they’re called Left Curtain and Right Curtain and the shade is “Roller Blinds” and still “Open the blinds” or “Open the shades” opens everything. Samsung just thinks all those devices are blinds since it uses “Window covering”