Apps not saving

Anybody having problems updating code? Every time I try to update code on a couple of apps, the updates don’t save (the IDE keeps reporting old bugs in my code). Now I cannot even delete the two of my apps, no matter what I do. Does this have to do with the device metadata update bug?

I filed a bug to support. I have been observing the same behavior.


Same - I submitted a ticket


I just tried to reproduce on a device type and it dropped all the code when I tried to reopen.

I suggest that you do not attempt to use IDE until fixed. If you are testing, copy and paste your code to external local files if you do not want to loose it!

I could save my apps until any error in my code occurs, once that happens you can’t save any longer and you can’t fix or remove the bad line of code.

Hey all, the fix for this was pushed this morning.

Sorry about the trouble.