Unable to save SmartApps and device type handlers


I wanna discuss about race condition that I am currently facing. (not even sure whether it’s a race condition)
Well, yesterday I coded through IDE and I was working with my partner. We were both working on the same id, which is mine. Then all the sudden, I could not edit or save any of my smartApps + device details. I pressed save and published for myself but nothing has changed…

Well, I managed to finished things before it happen, so, I am not in super hurry, but I need to fix this to keep work on the things. Anyone can help me with this?

p.s. If I make a new file with new content, I could save that and publish for myself.

I have the same issue right now as well. although only with device types
@dundonald looks like i can edit old device types, just not new ones. do you have any that are older than 30days old to test to see if it is just new apps/devicetypes for you too?

well, seems like mine is fixed.

I’m writing a new device type for a heavily requested device and I have this problem occur on a semi-regular basis. I’ll go to ‘Save’ and ‘Publish’ and no changes are reflected in the client. Refreshing the source editor just brings up the previous revision.

Is there any answer for resolving this other than “it magically fixes itself”? It is incredibly frustrating and kills development dead in its tracks. This device type should have taken well under a week to complete, but it has now been 3 weeks because of this issue. ARRRRGH.

I’ve already opened a ticket… you are welcome to do the same.

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I opened a ticket too never heard back… I would save and it would say no problems… I would go back in and the changes were not saved.

I’m getting this right now trying to save a device type:

Oh No! Something Went Wrong!
Error 500: Internal Server Error
URI /device/update

And prior to that they weren’t saving. Guess I have to give up for the night. Ugh.

Oh you’ll hear back… in a matter of weeks. :smirk: