Smart Apps stopped working

Fairly new to the ecosystem and only have three motion sensors, three contacts and a deadbolt lock. Created several Modes and Phrases and everything just stopped working. I’ve uninstalled and recreated the modes and phrases, or smart apps, but still nothing works.

If I go to I can see motion activity registers, but nothing gets triggered. Again, this was working perfectly and just stopped. I’ve spent the last day or so redoing everything but no success. When I look at the ‘Hello, Home’ portion of the app, it shows nothing since yesterday night.

The last thing for me to try is to remove all devices and the hub and re-integrate them, but even with the small amount of devices I will be a chore.

If that doesn’t work, I’m not sure what I can do.

Any advice appreciated.

Have you contacted support?

No, I haven’t. I normally do that once I’ve exhausted other methods to resolve my issues but am certainly willing to do so.

I’ve contacted support and will report back the results

Contact support! I’ll grab it right away.