Apple to Launch New 'Smart Home' Platform at WWDC

(Acastal) #1

Anyone else see this? I guess it’s just a rumor mill but it would be interesting. Maybe they will buy ST - :stuck_out_tongue:

Apple to Launch New ‘Smart Home’ Platform at WWDC

(esung) #2

Can’t wait to see Apple enter into this market in some form or shape. I hope ST would get onboard, or rather Apple would get onboard with ST, but in anyway I think this would be a positive move for the industry as a whole. Just cannot picture what apple might do though. If it’s a ‘Made for iProduct’ MFI program like some speculated I don’t know if that would be particularly helpful besides Apple making some chanes on certification. I hope it’s more than that.

(Dave Vander Wekke) #3

Apple is far to proprietary… It probably wouldn’t work with anything but Apple products. I am a PC guy but own an iPhone, iPad, Mac and AppleTV. So I do use and support apple. I wouldn’t use anything as far as “Apple Home Automation”.

SmartThings has the right idea, Open, Entensible, Expandable.


I saw this too. It sounds like it might be something that third parties can be certified to work with. I really hope this will eventually allow Siri to control home automation devices and work with SmartThings.

(esung) #5

I don’t think they are going to make bunch of Jony Ive designed - and expensive that I can only afford one or two - sensors and switches that only work with iPhones to start their own smart home platform. What I hope is more system level support for connected internet of things that are certified to work with iOS device. (So if ST hub is compatible you can access certain ST features (apps and things) from Siri or iOS dashboard, etc.) Another contribution I expect from Apple to this field is user interface design / experience. Although improved and probably better than anything else out there I still find ST’s app a bit convoluted, with more navigation clicks and scrolls to access controls and information than necessary.