Apple working on "Mainstream" Smart Home hardware

I was just reading and wanted to share with you all.

Interesting. Guess we’ll have to wait and see, I’m not holding my breath on this one. Seems like it would be easier for them to acquire someone like ST.

I’m curious if they are just going to build a hub with the different protocols in it. It would make sense to do that and let others build the devices. I would think that Apple doesn’t want to deal with switches, outlets, lights, thermostats, etc. But, I can see them building the hub to connect to all of them.

Actually, what I really hope they are doing is building Siri devices - mics and speakers for around the house that would connect back to, say, an AppleTV and allow for “Hey Siri” commands. The Beats purchase might give them some help with that?

I tend to think big companies like Google and Apple are moving too slowly to be real players here. Does Apple really have a visionary that replaces Jobs or are they responding to Google’s purchase of Nest? And Nest under Google has not yet impressed me.

Though we get frustrated at the pace of SmartThings integration, compare that with the others. At the risk of sounding like a ST Fanboy, I have my money on SmartThings leading the way and the others following.

Time will tell…

Oh, and let me add…

I think it is wise that SmartThings is not purchased by Apple or Google because the market will better embrace a solution that works with iPhone or Android, in my opinion.

I really hope they don’t try and buy out ST’s either, but money talks and to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised by anything. I also think ST’s could lead the way.

Time will only tell…

I hope Apple makes some home automation device hardware. Would love to see their design aesthetic applied to more devices. Form what I have ready it doesn’t seem like it will be motion and contact sensors however. Probably more like connected speakers and cameras would be my bet.

I would love to see more connected smart devices like sonos & ivee. Not to mention some competition might bring prices down! $349 for a sonos connect is insane.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple comes out with their own line of products. Jack the price up and only allow users with iPhones and iPads to control them. This coming from an apple guy lol.

There is definitely margin in the speaker market. Sonos is way over priced, but still command a significant lead in technology addressing connectivity needs. It isn’t rocket science, but others seem late to the game so to speak. This would give Apple an opening, especially with Siri.

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Couldn’t agree more!