Just finished

So very tired of resurrecting my smarthome every week. I’m just finished chasing whatever it is we are looking for. So sick of trying to fix shit that worked yesterday. Sorry Jetsons. Rosie isn’t available yet.

ive stopped fixing things right now for the most part until they kill off the rest before the year is over. once they kill off everything they planned to then hopefully things level out.


so true. When groovy is snipped out then the remaining use cases get more simple. What else is on the chopping block?

My hope, which is purely optimism at this point, is that SmartThings will implement Matter to near feature-parity with the Matter support Apple is going to provide in its Home app. I think it is still an open question as to whether Smart Life or SmartThings becomes the dominant app for Matter, but if Samsung goes all in on Matter as Apple is doing it could be a very exciting market competition, and much to the benefit of the consumer.

No telling what will actually happen so this is all just wishful thinking at this point. But I have hope. :sunglasses:

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