App with two locations (one hub only)

I have a location HOME with a Samsung SmartThings hub 2. I use my smartphone as presence tags. I created a second location without hub (only location) WORK. In this location I also use my smartphone as presence tag. Now I want to control some devices at home (in location HOME) when I arrive at work or leave work. But I want to use only one app. How can I do that?

I’m thinking you’d probably have to do something like IFTT that triggers a virtual switch/presence device in ST to know when you’re at work and thus trigger whatever actions you need. If you’re on Android I think they’re may be some additional ways a well sticky as Tasker/Sharp tools. Maybe others have some more ideas…


I have found this one: Multiple geofences

Here in Post number 11 a person with name:


He write what I want. But not how you make it. All without IFTTT or so.

You could use Cloud Interface by Michael Struck.

Thanks for the hint. However, I am not really sure how to use that. It seems to miss the interesting part. The call to GetAccessToken is commented out and there is no code for that. I don’t see any connection between two apps in this code. Hmm

I’d be really interested if anyone has cracked the code on this one yet. There have been a number of related posts to the community but really no straight forward answers.

Seems to be these options:

  1. Set up a server and http app to act as traffic cop between smartapps in each location that communicate with each other via http requests (requires you to be expert server admin and coder)

  2. Use IFTTT; since it allows you to set up it’s own custom geo fences it can be used to trigger things in your home location based on presence in other geo fences… BUT, not useful for anything that is time sensitive, like opening a garage door

  3. Wait until SmartThings supports cross-location triggering (may never happen since it seems to go against the architecture and philosophy of the whole system)

Other alternatives:
Core Pistons: doesn’t seem to solve this problem as far as I can tell
Stringify: looking at it now; similar to IFTTT capability- maybe will have better response time/reliability but seems to have limitation of only one smartphone it can trigger on; haven’t figured it all out yet

Update: I’ve gotten Stringify to work and it seems to have better response time than IFTTT. It has it’s shortcomings tho: for example you can’t push a Smartthings button; you can only use buttons as triggers, not actions. So I implemented a switch with toggle option that I use to trigger a SmartApp. which controls a device in my home whenever cell phone enters a separate geo fence.