SmartThings App with two locations devices

After updating to the Samsung new account login system and after installing the new app, I have all devices on One location from two hubs with two different locations.

Is there any way to reverse this?
I like having all the devices in one place but I can only add more devices with one hub. Presence is working just in one location.

I don’t understand what you mean? What’s your question?

Do you now have what you wanted? 2 Hubs in one SmartThings Location?

Or is something messed up?

My question is: How is this possible?

Almost everything is messed up. Presence, adding new devices, some smartapps…

If you can’t move one hub to the work location, contact support. They should be able to move it.

Oh… That is a good question.

I believe that the new App officially permits multiple Hubs in one Location, but this it shouldn’t happen unexpectedly. Probably a migration error.

You might be able to use the IDE Edit options to move Hub and Things to the correct distinct Locations but I’d talk to Support first.

Frankly, I’m not optimistic that you can clean this up without deleting a Location and rebuilding it.

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But support might be able to move it.

I cannot move it. I did contact support, the guy was very surprised and said is nothing to do.

This option will gonna be awesome but I am afraid if I am deleting my work location/hub I will loose everything. Somehow my hubs and locations merged in ONE.

It’s definitely risky either way; but if you are finding the current configuration to be unworkable, might as well do it sooner rather than later.

Start by deleting the Hub, not the Location. You’ll see if the Work Location’s Device List gets updated. Test adding something to your remaining Hub, etc., etc…

One step at a time.

Good-luck! :crossed_fingers:

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