App to repeatedly trigger a routine?

Hey folks-

Is there a way to have an app trigger a “routine,” other than the built-in “Automatically perform ‘MyRoutine’ at…” in the routine’s configuration settings?

Here’s my thinking (and I apologize in advance to the SmartThings devs, the servers, and all respectable software engineers out there):

  • One of the most common threads I see on this forum is the lack of reliability of scheduled events
  • My personal experience is that my routines trigger about 75% of the time, lately
  • All of my routines are harmless if executed twice. For example, at 10pm my “Good Night” routine makes sure the garage door is closed, deadbolts are locked, and front porch lights are in motion mode. Hitting “Good Night” again when everything is set is a noop.
  • Sooooo…I’m thinking that I should hammer the server. :open_mouth:

What if there were an app, called, say, “Hammer Routine,” whose sole purpose was to trigger a routine X times, Y minutes apart, starting at time Z? Then my 75% chance of having my routine trigger suddenly gets a cumulative probability distribution, and the odds look much better.

I do feel kind of bad for suggesting hammering as the solution to missed events caused by overwhelmed servers. On the other hand, I don’t suggest it lightly…if the system was reliable, there wouldn’t be a need.

Rule Machine can trigger your routines.
Or replace them completely!

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