How can it be, everytime I want to make a routine, something seemingly basic isn't supported

I went to make what i thought would be a simple routine today, and as always something keeps me from getting it done.

I wanted a routine that would check the garage temperature and if it was over 85f it would crack the garage doors by around a foot or so. The problem is that my garage switch is a momentary contact so I need to push it twice, once to start the opening and once to stop it. In a routine you can’t access the same device twice. I tried linking to a second routine that would push the button again and that didn’t work.

I wanted a routine that would turn on a switch and then wait 30 seconds and turn on a second switch, There’s not a way that I have found to pause a routine before it switches the second switch.

These are just examples of how things seem to always go. I want to do really involved automations, but I don’t even try because I fail when I want to do the seemingly most simple ones.

I am very frustrated. How do you create your automations?

You can use the free tier of SharpTools to do what you want. Below is a sample rule I just wrote with a double push.


I don’t have a smart garage door switch so hopefully you’ve tested it manually from the SmartThings app by pressing it manually twice like you want to ensure it allows the second press to go through after X seconds? I’d think that any momentary switch would probably have some timeout value before it returns to an Inactive state so they can be pressed and activated again.

If it lets you do what you want by pressing it manually in the SmartThings app, then what I use is @TAustin’s Edge virtual motion switch device as timers to trigger additional time delayed Routines since it has a pusdo ‘built in timer’ because of its Auto-return to Inactive feature.

The first Routine is triggered by some activity (garage temp perhaps?) that would turn on the virtual motion sensor and do whatever else needs to happen (like press the momentary garage switch?). Then after whatever time the virtual motion sensor is set to Auto-Return to Inactive and turns itself Off, that Off condition is the then the Trigger for a second Routine to do something else (like press the garage momentary switch again perhaps?)


Yes I have tested the switch using sharptools suggested by Paul_Oliver. Your comments suggesting the @TAustin edge driver is what I was looking for yesterday but I couldn’t find the invitation link.

Here you go. His “Vedge creator“ is a single edge driver that can create all different kinds of virtual devices. It’s pretty amazing work. :sunglasses:

[ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users

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