App on my phone is consuming excessive data

Yesterday I updated my app to v 1.7.4 and last night the app downloaded 600MB. I have a 1GB data plan on my phone, so this is a bit excessive for me. Anyone have any thoughts on how to throttle this thing?

Google says this should work:

Thanks, that was the first thing I did. (Android phone v4.0.3) Maybe my question should have been “why is Smartthings downloading 500 MB a day?” I only have 1 hub, 1 sensor and 1 relay, all used on my garage door. Prior to the upgrade Smartthings didn’t even get a honorable mention in the data consumption category. I’ve cleared the cache, but I can’t release the wifi restriction until my data plan rolls over next week.

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That is a question for support as SmartThings data use is historically very lean. Send a message with screenshots to


Thanks sidjohn1, I’ll do that!