App keeps notifying intrusion even in Home mode

Hi All,

My smartthings setup has been continuously detecting intrusion at all motion sensors (even ones that were not selected under the SHM app). This happens even if the mode is home or stay.

My configuration:

  1. Geofenced and time-dependent trigger to switch to AWAY mode
  2. Two motion sensors tied to the AWAY mode to detect intrusion
  3. I have another motion sensor which is built in the Ecobee remote sensor, which is NOT tied to my AWAY mode.

For past 2-3 months, the system has got into this loop of detection motion at these sensors and alerting me of “intrusion”, even when the mode is NOT AWAY. I had to remove batteries from my motion sensor in order to stop getting these alerts, but I cannot use the system anymore due to this error.

Anyone experienced this error or has any thoughts how I can resolve this?
I also have SHM Delay app installed, in case that helps.

The system / config used to work flawlessly for over a year before this error popped up.

Any chance you installed SHM in the Classic app and STHM in the new app? They are two completely separate apps. If you clear the alert in one does not clear it in the other.

No, I use only the classic app. And the system used to work flawlessly for over a year, then suddenly one day it decided to throw these errors!

I am worried of doing any hard reset as I have so much automation configured that I don’t want to lose that :frowning:

You can always try going into SHM and configuring individual selection of sensors until you find the offending device.

Have you contacted ST support?

I just created a ticket moments ago, but thought i’ll check with the community if there’s any solution. I thought of disabling SHM Delay app and testing using the standard SHM app, but it just gives option to uninstall (and not disable).

Is there any soft-reset option for ST?

@jkp - all motion sensors result in intrusion detected notification; doesn’t matter which one. I have tried manually disabling and activating them back again, but no luck :frowning:

I was wondering whether SHM isn’t being disarmed for some reason but I guess you’d have noticed with all those intrusions.

Are we talking about intrusions at any time?

SHM icon shows disarmed / Home mode. And these intrusions keep happening any time of the day, and a notification comes up every 5 seconds (if I am waving my hand in front of the motion sensor).

OK, finally figured it out! One of the family member switched mode on the new app on their phone from disarmed to AWAY. Seems the connection between new and old app was broken somewhere 2-3 months ago (where the status of SHM was not being replicated).

This resulted in only that app controlling the entire home and others not able to disable SHM. So as you mentioned @jkp, it was due to use of both apps! I just didn’t know someone was used the other app once by mistake :slight_smile:

Uninstalled the new app from everyone’s phone, and problem solved!

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