App iPhone storage

As others have said the app is slow to load and slow to bring up menus and devices.

I checked in on the size of storage the app is using and mine is up to 2 gigs? I have about 60 devices mixed between wifi, zig and zwave. Is anyone else running into high storage amounts like this? Seems high!


i had to reset my iPad and perform a fresh install to get it to stop using tremendous amounts of space. but since doing that, i have extreme slowness with the app. Two other iOS mobile devices are fine.

ok, i take that back. i looked at storage and my ST app is sitting at 6.6gb

For me, its 395.2MB of data on iPhone XR and I’ve about 40 or so zigbee devices with maybe a dozen automations.

for me, it appears isolated to the ipad OS app

Wow. My daughter was complaining about this and I didn’t believe her. She said her phone was running out of space and wanted a new iPhone. I’ll tell her to delete the app and go back to old school switching on the lights manually or using Alexa. I just got to give her a presence tag to hang on her keychain so our automations keep working. J/K… :slight_smile:

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luckily i have homekit. the home app screen loads quickly


But what is causing the app to keep ballooning like it is?

I have homebridge to HomeKit but that’s about it for smart apps.

I have a smaller storage phone at 16 gigs so it’s hard to do anything else.

it started with the 1.6.57 release on december 21, 2020. that’s all i know

No issues here on iPad or iPhone. Storage for the ST app is under 200MB.

EDIT: Just realized I had recently restarted the ST app so I’ll watch it over time.

please clarify… you mean documents and data storage is under 200mb for the app? because the app is 459mb in size.

Correct, documents and storage.

i reinstalled mine 30 minutes ago and it is already back to 1.3gb in total storage

but again, only on 1 of 3 of my iOS devices. i noted i reset the ipad a couple of weeks ago. i thought it was resolved. i kept checking storage for the app but didn’t notice my ipad storage was getting higher and that the storage on the app listing was apparently stuck and not updating.

260 devices…Tons of rules…256 megs. iPhone 12 Pro Max 256 Gigs. I use webCoRE for 95% of my rules. Devices status takes about 30 seconds for devices status to load going through “Rooms”.


@rontalley, are you aware you’re not running the latest version which is 1.6.57?

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I’m on an iPhone XS, with the app at 1.6.57.

I have only 51 devices. My devices all load in the same amount of time that it takes the monitor to load up.

My app takes up 470mb of storage and 262mb of docs&data.

That’s a lot of memory! I’m using an iPhone 10 and have around 80 devices. My memory usage is only 461Meg for the app and 389Meg for Docs and Data. I always have the app closed unless I need it, maybe 0 to 3 times a day, and I always clear my SmartThings notifications at least daily. Don’t know if all that matters…?

again, this only occurs on 1 of 3 of my iOS devices and there is nothing different on that one device. i have tried everything possible to see if i could find a solution but unsuccessful. Basically, every time i open the app… it increases the storage by a few gigs. it is rather fun to watch.

is it the app or my ipad… who knows.

it was sitting at 930mb of total storage a few minutes ago… i opened the app a few times, and storage jumped to 1.43 gb

it appears ST resolved the excessive storage usage when they resolved the platform issues this week. since yesterday, storage appears to be normal and not adding large swaths of space every time i use it :slight_smile:

update: oh well, 24 hours later and up to 1.3gb of storage. so still not fixed. :frowning:


I’m having the same issue - Documents and Data is at 8.78GB and I have less than 30 devices and a lot less automations. Has someone found a fix for this issue? Thanks