App for viewing camera DVR on adroid

(Troy) #1

This might not be the right spot to ask but was the best I could figure. I have gotten a lot of valuable information from members of this forum so I thought I would ask.
I have a Defender Blueline camera system (which is discontinued and does not work with Defender’s app) and I used to use Asee app to view cameras from my phone. The app is no longer working for me and is no longer supported. I am wondering if anyone could recommend a simple easy app to view my cameras from my android.

(Jeff H) #2

I have one camera of my Lorex NVR system set up in along with my SmartThings.
You will need to know the streaming URL for your camera.

(Jenny Moore) #3

Have you tried TinyCam? I’m not sure if it works with your particular camera, but it’s a great app for viewing camera streams. It probably won’t have support for the viewing the recordings from the NVR, but if you want a good app for viewing live streams, it’s an excellent app.