TinyCamPro Web/NVR camera app (Wyze Arlo)

I thought I would create a topic for TinyCam Pro , https://www.tinycammonitor.com , because it is working well for me with ActionTiles. I’m using it to suplpement my outdoor Arlo’s with a few cameras inside. It’s running on my old Samsung S4 Android phone. I have…

-Streaming the S4’s internal camera
-Streaming a WyzeCam camera (v1)
-Streaming a WyzeCam Pan camera
-Streaming an old iPhone 3GS camera (using IPCamera iOS app).
-TinyCam web server allows me to have one device/application port forwarded on my router so I can view several “IP cameras” remotely (password protected).
-Can view each camera separately in ActionTiles media tiles with URL like this:


-With a WebCore URL endpoint set up and a SmartThings virtual moion sensor, I am able to have TinyCam detect motion on any/all of the cameras and set the virtual motion sensor active for SmartThings. I set this up but I haven’t tested for false alarms much yet. Under each camera motion settings is the Webhook URL for interface to WebCore or IFTTT.

-I’m running it with low-bandwidth option set, not really streaming full motion video. Mainly just like to have more camera views to check in on house via ActionTiles. I normally have it set in ActionTiles to refresh every 10sec but I did test it and it will refresh at 1 frame per second.
-It has record on motion (to the android storage) but haven’t tried that yet.


Care to share more details please?
I’m currently using BlueIris to view security cameras in AT, but it only works within my network. Can’t access it from outside the network, which you seem to be able to do. (To use BlueIris with AT, one has to disable the BI password for internal access).

I have a password set up in TinyCam; I do have to enter password once per day in a small popup in order for cameras to show up in ActionTiles. I do this at work so its not big deal; this would be more problematic/annoying on an ActionTiles wall tablet setup.

That said TinyCam does support username:password in the URL but I haven’t tried it yet. Actually I just remembered this is blocked by chrome now.

So maybe this won’t be so useful to anyone :frowning:

EDIT: I am now using with like this, no popups:

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single urll user:PW blocked in chrome? since when?

Tinycam is awesome, and probably the most compatible monitor program on android, resource friendly, and cheap. recommend to anyone with any make camera. i have yet to fail to make it work with any camera ive tried save my vieeo doorbell… hutbin all fairness I can’t even get it’s IP address in my network.

Well, I thought it was???

When I added a Wyze to TCP it kept crashing. Once I removed the Wyze it was back to running 12 cams with no issues.

are you running this off of a tablet on your local network. I am curious as to how much bandwidth this uses?

TinyCam is running on my old Samsung S4 cellphone. I have low bandwidth option selected. I’ll have to do some expirements. I created a user group on my Unifi WiFi network that I assigned these camera devices to. I’ve been meaning to experiment with that to see if the Unifi bandwidth limiter works the way I think it should. Or I could just limit the kiddos to 100bps and see how long it takes til I start hearing “Dad, the wifi sucks again”.

I’m about to set up the same, but a bit confused on TinyCam usage. I’ve bought TinyCam Pro. I have an old S5 that I want to use as a camera. TinyCam help suggests installing the IP Webcam app on Android devices that will serve as just a camera. I want to access the feed remotely.

So do I put It TinyCam on the S5, and/or the IP Webcam app? Do I put TinyCam on my main phone, or just ActionTiles?

Lastly, I’m hoping to use the S5 as a ST audio output device (I think it’s called Big Talker), and as a ST actuated IR Blaster, and let the Google Assistant on it run as a Google Home alternative. Am I crazy to tuck one device can handle all of that along with TinyCam?


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I’ve setup TinyCam pro on an old Note 4 for my wyze cameras. I have it set to record on in app motion and to upload directly to my Dropbox file for each camera. I have a TB of space there, so plenty of room. I then use TC pro on my phone to check in on things.

I have two of the wyze pan cams and I’ve noticed that when I have one set on pan mode TC records thinking that it has detected movement.

I haven’t tried the web server function of TC yet as I just started using the app. But good use on getting it to work with ST.


With TinyCam on your s5 you won’t need additional IPwebcam software. I was confused about that too, maybe they just added the feature and forgot to update their documentation?

On your main phone you don’t need TinyCam. You can use ActionTiles on the main phone to view the camera(s) served by TinyCam.

Side note, the internal camera has not been working well in past couple releases for me. Curious how it’s working for others, let us know how it goes.


I’m reading this with interest. Can you still do the same thing if you have hacked the Wyze cam to stream rtsp?
Possibly use a spare phone with a large micro SD card, then have tinycam send files to local storage?

I was thinking of using a Pi 3, but I have a couple old phones already laying around.

Since we are on the subject of TinyCam, I have a question. I am using a Android Emulator on my Mac to be able to run TinyCam. I downloaded the Frre version just to test. I have a D-Link camera that I know works with ActioinTiles, but I am unable to get this camera setup in TinyCam. The app finds the camera on my network, I added my user name and password, but n o luck. Below is the settings screenshot, so if someone would please look and suggest a fix. Thanks.

It’s the username and password the one for your d link account?

That is what I used. I get this error.

Okay, so the TinyCam app is a camera feed relay/server. I don’t use it on my main phone as a viewer. Good to know, thanks!

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Ya, I like it because I can open one port on my router for TinyCam then use misc android/ios/wyzecams through it. Granted there are going to be limitations, I just like having images refresh every 10sec in ActionTiles. TinyCam can detect motion too, I have it set to execute WebCore endpoint which then sets a virtual motion sensor.

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Tinycam is very fussy about the username and password. Make sure you enter them manually (no cut and paste) and no extra spaces at the end.

I entered them manually, no cut and paste.

Would really appreciate some detailed info of how you are incorporating Tinycam feeds into Actiontiles. I’ve attempted this, and have success streaming 3 cameras, but the streams ultimately freeze and never update until manually refreshed.

Thanks for any details on your setup!

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