Has anyone been able to display live security cam stream on a tablet triggered by motion?

Im working on putting up a DYI security panel (Android Tablet / FireTablet). Most of the time I want it to show the dashboard (status of SHM, lights, temp, and such - done with ActionTiles or Sharptools), but would like it to switch to full screen stream of the security camera if there is motion on my front porch.


  1. Panel displays dashboard
  2. Motion is detected on the porch
  3. Panel displays a full screen live stream of the porch security camera
  4. Motion is no longer detected on porch
  5. Panel displays dashboard

More info:
I currently use Arlo Pros, but I am willing to change to something else if needed. Im familiar with WebCore if thats helpful. I just started this Wall Panel project, so still learning about Tasker, DAKboard, ActionTiles, and Sharptools.

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How are you detecting motion on the porch?

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Im not 100% sure but i think Automateit pro + tasker sounds like it could work, or at least that’s what i was planning on trying once new hub comes in.
Lets wait for the experts to chime in.


Right now I’m using the Arlo cam for motion detection, but I’m willing to use something else if necessary.

Looks like Sharptools has Rules similar to Webcore, but can a Rule switch to a panel that is just one full screen media tile showing a cam stream?

Otherwise the only other option I can think of is using Tasker to switch to a native cam app, but I doubt any of them have the customization to deep link directly to a cam feed.

This is the approach that’s commonly used. Since many people use Amazon Fire Tablets on their dashboard (which doesn’t have Google Play by default), many people have used AutomateIt to dynamically switch between apps.

Side note: If you are on a normal Android tablet with Google Play or if you side-load Google Play on the Fire Tablet, then Tasker is usually the preferred automation app on Android devices.

Regarding deep linking to a camera feed, it depends on what the app exposes. Some apps expose native deep links. App developers can choose to expose their own ‘url scheme’ to deep link to specific features. For example, Nest has support for deep linking with a format like nestmobile://cameras/CjZHZ...7IYIm

I did a quick search and didn’t see any deep link formats available for Arlo. You could try to reach out to the Arlo team to get their thoughts or try one of the alternatives below:

  1. If the app sends a notification when motion is detected, you can use AutomateIt to ‘click’ the notification and automatically open Arlo (likely to the camera which triggered the notification)
  2. You could automate the taps necessary to navigate through the app with something like AutoInput (this would likely be slower and not ideal)

Thanks for the info @joshua_lyon. That gives me a few terms/apps to research to dig deeper.

Do you (or anyone else) know of any security cam apps that would play nice with URL scheme or using AutomateIt to get to a full screen video via notification? I have only tested Arlo so far. When I tap the notification from my Arlo app it doesnt take me to a single cam (just a list of cameras showing still images). Anyone have something else that works (or have tested others)?