FLIR App (Lorex Camera) Integration

Hi - Does anyone know if the FLIR app can somehow be integrated with ST? Maybe indirect through IFTTT?

Im not sure about FLIR being able to connect but you can if you use blue iris. It allows you to connect pretty much any camera to it. If you do a quick search on here you can find a lot of heloful info.

Thanks! I’ll look for some more detail on blue iris.

I took a look at Blue Iris. Is this what you’re talking about?

They don’t list the Lorex cameras I posted above, but I assume it’ll work regardless. POE cameras with a NVR system. Just to clarify (because the threads were too long and I didn’t really understand them)…with the Blue Iris software, I’d be able to integrate with ST’s and do things like have it set so that when the cameras detect motion, it turns on lights, etc?


Yup thats it. I am waiting to get a new computer because my current one pooped out on me and when i do this is what i will be using with my cameras. The motion alert in ST was the biggest seller for me.

Hello, were you able to integrate the Lorex cameras controlled by Flir with the help of Blue Iris to the Smartthings hub? I would like to know since your post is the only one I have been able to find in months that is giving me some hope that it is even remotely possible. Thanks.

I too have a Lorex NVR with cameras. The Flir/Lorex apps suck as they do not work like they are supposed to, at least on my devices. So I personally view the streams using TinyCam Monitor on my Android phones and tablets. To access the recordings from the NVR I do have to use their “Flir Cloud” app which is horrible but it usually works. The cameras have an RTSP stream that you can use to stream to them directly.

I actually use a generic IP camera smartapp called “Generic Video Camera Connect” which simply allows me to view the live streams via the Smartthings app. It is very basic and I have not checked if there is an update to it. I wish for motion alert integration into Smartthings triggered by the camera’s motion detection.

The “camera stream path” I use in the smartapp is "rtsp://[username]:[password]@[nvr_ip]:[rtsp_port]/cam/realmonitor?channel=[channel of cam on nvr]&subtype=[2 for substream or 1 for main stream].

For example here is a camera stream path: rtsp://admin:password@

This is probably not the integration you were looking for but it’s something to get you started. I have six 4MP outdoor cameras but I find image-based motion detection outside is too sensitive to rely on it for triggering events. Maybe I just don’t have my regions set up in the best possible way to reduce false alarms.

Here is the link to the smartapp:

Hey, I have the cameras and NVR at my house to install. Literally just closed last week, so still a bunch of stuff to get done. I’m having everything installed after New Years and will let you now how it goes.

I attempted to install the smartapp but cannot get my camera’s to connect with app and path

so do Oauth both smartapps? and how do you configure the camera connect and then the camera child?

I set up port forwarding… what would be the source target?

Does anyone know if the LOREX FLIR (cameras MPX IR model LBV2521T-CB) could be linked to SmartThings and display on Action Tiles?

@Totsie7944 Have you had a chance to install your system? Would like to know if you have been successful integrating with ST thru IFTTT (and Blue Iris) or some other means. Like many others, I’m wanting to get motion alerts to be able to trigger other actions.

Hey - sorry for the massive delay…I’m an accountant so was crushed the last couple months. I haven’t done anything with the house yet as far as getting the “smart connectivity” set up. I’ve installed all the cameras, and the wiring is done for the entire house, but I still need to purchase my hub and get going. It’s on my list of things to do for the spring. So once it’s done, I’ll report back.