App crash on S5 Apple Watch (iOS 13.1 watchOS 6)

This is my first apple watch, series 5 cellular with watchOS 6.

I’ve used SmartThings for my thermostat and TV. I have the SmartThings Classic app on my iPhone, the widget set up in my “Today” pane on my phone with my routines, they work great.

SmartThings shows up on my Watch app, I enable it, it installs fine, the app icon appears on the watch. It prompts me to log in on the iPhone app. I log out and log back in the iPhone app and then the watch app crashes. When I click on the icon again, it shows a black screen with the correct name of my location at the top, then the app crashes.

Any ideas? :upside_down_face:

I’m afraid I’m having the same problem with my Apple Watch 3. It seems to have started with my upgrade to iOS13.

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IDK what to tell ya, i just installed the smartthings classic watch app on watchOS 6. While i dont normally manually trigger routines (i have Core for that), they fire just fine when i do. Can’t hurt to uninstall the iOS and watchOS app and try again.

… or you could wait a day until ios13.1 is released

Oh I didn’t know that it was confirmed to be an iOS 13.0 issue. Thanks!

Yeah, have done multiple reinstalls of both to no avail. What iOS version are you running if I may ask.

I didn’t say it was an ios13 issue, just suggesting it might be worth waiting for 13.1 rather than uninstalling and reinstalling 13. Then you’d be effectively starting again anyway.

iOS 13 and watchOS 6… no beta on iPhone 6s and watch series 4

Upgrading to iOS 13.1 did not resolve the issue.

I got an email from support saying they’re not supporting the phone app until its updated.

Shamanth A (SmartThings)

Sep 24, 2:54 PM MST

Dear Customer,

Thank you for reaching out to SmartThings Support.

I am writing to you with regard to your concern about the SmartThings App on your watch.

The SmartThings app for Apple Watch has been temporarily removed from the Apps store while we perform a few updates to the app.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

Please write back to us for further assistance.

Thank you for contacting us.

Best regards,
Shamanth A
SmartThings Support Team

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Eeesh. I’ve been communicating with support (sort of) since day one. They haven’t even let me know that it’s now a known issue. This particular back and forth with support has been a very negative experience for me.

I’m frustrated. Apple has had beta periods, right? How do they not know there’s a problem until we tell them? The first handful of responses from support boiled down to “you’re sure?” and “are you sure it’s not something you did wrong?”

Glad for the info, but this has been handled very badly, IMHO.


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