Api.smartthings.com see Bosch Motion Detector activity, but ios app says it can't connect. check device and try again?

Does anyone know why the device does not show up in the app but it’s obviously communicating with my account since I can see the activity log in the web api?

After I connected it I got the message - This device is connected to StmarThings Hub in [My Location].

But it immediately cannot connect via the app.

I am super-new to this so I really don’t even know if this is normal. I assume it’s not because when I try to create a Custom Automation “based on a device staus” I see No Devices.


screen shot from app:

Did you figure this out.
Having the same issue with another type of device (open/close sensor)
Getting all of the appropriate data in IDE, but the app says it cant connect.

Use the SmartThings Classic app and not the new SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app. Custom code does not work on the new app at this point.

Thanks jkp! It now works again. Any idea when the old features will be included in the new App?