API for Changing Device Name?



Is there a way to change device names through Groovy (Smart App web services)? I found that a device has following name attributes:

But these does not seem to be settable and I did not seem to find related documentation in else where. Did anyone have any experience doing such thing?

(Tino Race) #2

I would love to be able to rename a device in CoRE as part of a piston.

I have a couple of outlets which have fans plugged into them in the warmer months, but then i turn on the Winter virtual switch and replace the fans with heaters for colder months. Ideally I’d make a piston where when Winter = ON, then rename Device name to Heater and change icon to the fireplace icon.

I have many other outlets which will get re-appropriated at Christmas time when my Christmas virtual switch is on. I’m sure a lot of people use the same outlet for different purposes at different times of the year.

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #3


SmartThings has exposed no APIs for any configuration functions.

Wish they would, because then an app like SmartTiles could replace even more SmartThings native mobile App functionality.