ISO deal on 3-way wall switch for fluorescent ballasts

(Garrett Hensley) #1

I know this usually works the other way, but I’d like to find a 3way toggle switch to control some lights in my garage. They are on standard fluorescent ballasts so I want to avoid a dimmer. Has anyone seen a sale? It doesn’t have to be an amazing deal. Just stubborn and hate paying retail.

(Hal) #2

Zooz switches are good price even if not on sale.

Latest version is supposed to work in 3-way config with standard dumb switch and no wiring changes. I’ve got 4 of them waiting for me to have time to install.

(Jon Herring) #3

I have two Zooz switches in my house, they come with 3 way instructions - I’m not using the 3 way. They work great with Smart things.

(Hal) #4

I’ve got two of these

And two of the newest dimmers

(Garrett Hensley) #5

Awesome, thanks everyone. I’ll have to try these, they are indeed cheaper than I’ve seen the GE on sale. I have a dimmer and add-on switch combo now, but the lights ramp up and I’m afraid I’ll damage a ballast. Theae look promising and if they work with a regular switch that’s a big bonus.