Anyone used Kyla light switches (no neutral req)

Wonder if anyone has used Kyla light switches with ST?

Kyla Smart Light Switch 2 Gang, (Zigbee, No Neutral Req, Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home)

Can’t see any info wrt ST integration. Wondering if would work direct, they are Zigbee and without the Kyla hub.

They don’t need any neutral, just live only, so are interesting as not many about like this for a lot of people’s wiring.


I’m interested in the same thing. Played around them bought the Kyla hub. Would like to bin it and just use SmartThings hub. Dual wall switch it excellent design and build quality with no neutral required. Works great with its own app and Alexa. Very smart soft touch on the wall switch plate too. Highly recommended and no need to fit capacitor when multiple leds are being used.

So have you got the Kyla light switch? Have you tried connecting direct to a ST hub?

I don’t want to have to buy another hub, even for any updates, and would want direct to ST.


I tried all options, but SmartThings wouldn’t see the switch directly. I caved in and bought the hub. Then discovered the iOS app version is faulty… won’t connect the Kyla hub to my WiFi. Borrowed an Android phone from a friend and that connected the hub to my WiFi just fine. Did rest of zigBee setup on iPhone app no problem. To be fair, tech support in Singapore were on the ball and got back to my emails in just an hour or so.

The switch is very smart on the wall. Optional supplied capacitor wasn’t needed for my lights. Enough leakage through 6 leds to keep it happy. Also pair of wall lights don’t flicker either. Happy to use over priced hub for now, until SmartThings or a helpful coder supports it.

Let me say again the wall switch is very smart looking and worth the hassle of the extra hub. I’ll be buying two more dual switches shortly.

As an aside, Lidl are selling zigbee smart outlets for £7.99. SmartThings sees those directly! Just search using Generic Z-Wave… yeah I know!

Pity can’t use it without the hub, I don’t want another hub so may wait for better/direct integration with ST.

What did support say about the iOS app not working? Sure they should do a fix ASAP.

They do look smart though, and ideal without needing neutral. How deep are they compared to normal light switch?


Fairly deep. Mines screwed in now, but there’s plenty of room in a deep patress. Front panel is a bitch to get off, so won’t be removing it anytime soon.

Mains terminals are nastily exposed at the top edge , but gaffa tape fixes that. Without tape it would easily short on metal patress while fitting. Note Amazon shows a card/plastic sheet to protect against that, but non was in the box.

Side note IOS app update note works fine. Changed my router and had to re link hub. Works 100% with iPhone 12.