Anyone know which Edge Driver to user for STS-PRS-251 arrival sensor?

I’ve been gifted 2 Arrival sensors one STS-PRS-251 and one STSS-PRES-001

The latter doesn’t seem to be detected at all but the latter gets picked up as a generic device by Default Clusters driver by Wesely Menezes - unfortunately if I try to change it to the presence profile the devce vanishes from the smartthings app(it still shows on the old graph portal and I can delete it)

Is there a better driver I can use?

I believe the STS-PRS-251 should be picked up as a ‘tagv4’ by the Zigbee Presence Sensor which is in the production default channel. The STSS-PRES-001 is the PGC410/PGC410EU and is currently only in the production beta.

Unfortunately I binned all mine some time ago as they’d gone from being difficult to pair to totally impossible.

Thanks Graham it is definitely showing a TAG v4 when picked up by Wesleys driver. If i delete that driver it doesnt seem to pair. Not sure what im missing

Doh Solved it. I have two hubs and had only installed the SmartThings beta edge drivers on one of them… not the one i was using. Installed the presence driver and the newer device is now installed.

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