SmartTiles Dashboard on an Android

I am trying to use SmartTiles on an Android Tablet as my main control
panel for SmartThings. I want to set up my tablet to automatically Load
up SmartTiles and display my dashboard on startup. I have found several
ways to automatically launch the page but the Issue is its a two step
process to get to the Dashboard.

You have to first go to the Launcher Page and then from there Launch
the Dashboard. And it seems like if the window is closed the you have to
once again go through the launcher page again.

I want to find away to go straight to the Dashboard without first
having to go through the launcher manually. Also to keep it from timing

Has anyone found a good way to do this?

Please send me a note to:

(Short answer is “no”, but there is a bit of a longer answer…).

I believe if you can keep the page from timing out. You will not have to log back in again. Not sure what your using to display smarttiles. Maybe it has a auto refresh option?

From what I gather that doesn’t seem to work for everyone.

You have @tgauchat helping you. Can’t get better help than that on this.

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