SmartThings and RFXtrx433E (433 MHz)

I am looking to control Somfy 12V blinds using a RFXtrx433E transceiver. I’d prefer to use SmartThings rather than the VERA hub, but not sure if this is possible. Advice please! thanks.

Have you tried searching the forum for other threads on the topic of integrating 433 MHz devices?


Hi @davidjc,

Take a look at this z-wave option.

Hey there. I’ve integrated 433Mhz transmitters into my Particle Photon projects before. Luckily I had the RCSwitch library at my disposal which allowed me to just pass a couple of parameters to the library and turn some cheap switches on and off. I’ve recently removed everything from my GitHub for some personal reasons but if you’d like to take a look at the code for switches I can share it with you privately.

Here’s a project from @ogiewon , Maybe he’s had some more experience with other 433Mhz devices since he made this.

I feel like somebody else has done what you’re trying to do, but since Somfy always seemed unreasonably priced I never payed attention to any of the Somfy related threads.

Good luck, reach out to me if you’re still lost after some digging.

anything you wanted to do with the RFXCOM