Anyone have this bug on iPhone/Android app

I experienced today what seems to be a bug. I lost internet connection at my home, thus resulting in no connection to the hub. My phones were in 4g mode when my hub ‘thought’ I left and went into Home Secured mode. I had workers in the house when one opened the door to go out. My sirens went blaring. I quickly pulled my phone out and selected ‘I’m back’ that puts it into Home mode…nothing happened…my app said it was in home mode…looked at my work iPhone…it said I was in home mode…went to the sirens in the app and they indicated they were active…I pushed the tiles to turn them off…they said ‘off’…sirens still blaring…checked my android phone…sirens said they were ‘off’ sirens still going…had to find a ladder to remove my sirens in both downstairs and upstairs…
Anyone experience this?? Anyone care to try to recreate(minus the sirens of course)??

No internet connection to the hub = no control. If you lose internet the cloud cannot make any changes on the Hub.

A shortfall sure, but this is not “broken” or a “bug” its actually working as expected in this scenario.

if there was no internet to the hub wouldn’t the sirens not be able to go off? the hub couldn’t tell them the door opened.

probably lost internet right at the time the sirens went off? or you got a quick burst of internet and that allowed the hub to connect long enough.

The bug is that the app reflects that status incorrectly. My phone apps said it was in home mode, but it wasn’t.
My app said the sirens turned off, but they were still going. There was no internet connection so I had no control, however my app indicated I did have control. If I wasn’t home, I would have thought all was fine after I ‘turned’ off the sirens, but that would not have been the case. I had to physically remove the sirens to shut them up.