Loss of internet connection causing problems

I have been running into issues where my internet gateway keeps restarting and whenever it does all of my devices end up being turned on afterwards; as well it’s happening after losing power too of course. Right now it’s not that big of an issue for my lights to get turned on (except for while sleeping), but pretty soon I’m going to add a siren to my hub and concerned that whenever the modem restarts on it’s own like this that the siren will start blaring louder than ever! Doubt the neighbors will take too kindly if that’s always happens.

So does anyone have any experience with that who can tell me for sure if that will or will not happen and how to prevent it if so? I always get a notification saying the hub is offline so would I be able to set something up using that as a trigger for a CoRE piston to do something to correct the problem as a workaround? What the action needs to be I don’t have a clue so feel free to let me know.

Once your hub loses internet connection you’re basically dead in the water. A limited number of devices and only one smartapp, smart lighting, are capable of functioning if you have some automations already setup. If smart home monitor was armed when your hub lost connection, I think your SHM alerts will still fire off as well; that’s actually a real PITA because you can’t disarm SHM while the hub’s internet connectivity is down!

I assume that notification is pushed to your phone from ST servers.

There have been a couple of threads on how to deal with internet/power loss and ST.

This one is a really clever solution, but not all that cheap: Keep ST up and connected to internet even in power loss

This one is free, but will only toggle the lights back to off after the internet and/or power has been restored: [RELEASE] SmartBulb Power Outage handler

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