Anyone got the zigbee module for the Id Lock 150 to work?

I can’t get the zigbee module for my Id Lock 150 to function. I can get it to pair with the hub (v2 Europe) through qr-code or brand in the Smartthings app, but the after the pairing the device mostly only show the offlinecloud-icon, sometimes (after like 5 reloads) the battery status shows. The lock/unlock-function always times out and the lock status is wrong.
Type is Zigbee lock and Data is:
application: 07
endpointId: 01
manufacturer: Datek
model: ID Lock 150

The zigbee module should be compatible with Smartthings but I havent found anyone actually getting it to work. Am I doing something wrong or is the DTH just not working properly?

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Most basic features should work with the ZigBee Lock device handler. We’ve have worked with IDLock to develop a fully functional Z-Wave Module integration for their IDLock 150 however they haven’t asked us to create one of their ZigBee module as yet. You may want to try bringing your lock closer to the hub or adding a ZigBee repeater.

That FAQ is about Zwave locks. It is not relevant to Zigbee because they do not have the separate command class for encryption that Zwave does. So I think that FAQ would only be confusing to someone with a zigbee lock. :thinking:

As long as a zigbee lock can get its message to the hub, you don’t need a separate repeater the way you might for zwave.

If you check the IDE and see that a high percentage of messages to or from the lock are failing to get through, then a regular zigbee repeater might be needed. But that would be true for any zigbee device, not just locks.

Thanks for the tips!
I pulled the plug on the hub for 15 mins and after the zigbee remeshed the lock works (so far anyway).

I guess it’s time to order some Trådfri power outlets and repeaters from Ikea? Anything special to consider when installing them besides putting at least one at each floor in the house? I have 40+ devices in my Hue mesh (I don’t want the Trådfri to interfere with them) and around 10 contact/temp sensors (besides the lock) in my Smartthings zigbee mesh.

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The hue bridge forms its own mini network. Devices on that network repeat for each other, but not for other zigbee devices connected to your smartthings hub. And the reverse is true. The Tradfri plugs connected to your smartthings hub will neither repeat for the devices connected to the hue bridge nor typically interfere with them.

A Smartthings V3 hub can parent up to 64 battery powered zigbee devices. So it comes down to physical placement. If you get more than about 30 feet away from the hub, then you start to need repeaters to pass the Zigbee messages along. So it really comes down to where your sensors are physically located as to where you’ll need to add repeaters.

Read post 11 in the following thread. ( i’ll link directly to that post.) After that, go up to the top of the thread and read those posts and that should give you most of the information you need to lay out a strong “backbone“ for your network. :sunglasses:

A Guide to Wireless Range & Repeaters - #11 by JDRoberts

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