Dlink DCS-2630L Anyone have luck geting this to work with smartthings?

(tl) #1

i attempted to use the dcs-942l device but when i try to load the device in my app it crashes

(Ben Lebson) #2

There seems to be an issue with iOS right now causing my DTH to crash the ST app… I’m looking into it now. I’ll look into adding this compatibility in my upcoming D-Link Camera Manager SmartApp (being released pretty soon)

(Ben Lebson) #3

Try the DCS-5222L or DCS-942L DTH and let me know if either of those work. I fixed the bug that was causing the crash on iOS.

(tl) #4

The DCS-942L seems to be working with DCS-2630L


(Ben Lebson) #5

What features of the DCS-942L DTH have you tested?

  • Video Streaming?
  • Still Image Capture?
  • Motion Detection On/Off?
  • PIR Sensor On/Off?
  • Motion Detection Sensitivity?
  • Night Vision On/Off/Auto?
  • Local Video Recording On/Off?

(Sully) #6

I have a 942L, and it’s not working. I get the message: “Camera cannot be found.” I know the local IP, external IP, and port nums are correct, though. Any suggestions? I know there are two hardware models for the 942L. Any chance a different hardware model requires a different DTH? Also, typically don’t mess with firmware, any chance that just needs an upgrade?

Before I start poking around too much, figured it was best to ask. Thanks!

(Ben Lebson) #7

First, check out the D-Link Camera Manager. Second, can you grab the Generic Video Manager and see if you can find the correct streaming path so that your camera works? I tested this on the LB1 model so it may be different than the hardware revision A.

(tl) #8

on a DCS-2630L

Video Streaming? Working via LAN
Still Image Capture? Working
Motion Detection On/Off? Working
PIR Sensor On/Off? Working
Motion Detection Sensitivity? Working
Night Vision On/Off/Auto? Not workng it might be because (my model has : auto, manual IR, always day mode,always night mode, schedule)
live logging:
error java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1 @ line 485
debug Parsing 'index:17, mac:B2C55406A5C1,
debug GET /config/icr.cgi?mode=Auto HTTP/1.1

Local Video Recording On/Off? Working

(Ben Lebson) #9

what’s the response from the camera when you send enter the following URL into a web browser:


(change the user, password, IP and Port to match your camera)

(tl) #10

Actually I changed line #570 from Auto to auto and NV vision works now

return nightCmd(“Auto”) TO return nightCmd(“auto”)

(Ben Lebson) #11

Ahh, you’re not using the D-Link Camera Manager SmartApp. That was a bug that I’ve fixed in my most recent release :slight_smile:
I’m going to go ahead and add compatibility for this camera. Thanks for the response!

(Ben Lebson) #12


For dcs-2630, can you share the links to your device handler and Smart-App ?

(Ben Lebson) #14

Look at the post above yours, it has a link to my D-Link Camera Manager which supports the DCS-2630L.


thank you.

i’m new to this… what are the steps to link to this manager (is there link that explains the steps) ?


(Ben Lebson) #16

There is a step-by-step installation process in that post. You’ll need to do the installation at http://ide.smartthings.com


thank you. i was able to install the smartAps/device handlers.