GE (Jasco) Wall Dimmers/Switches Keep Failing

Just replaced my 5th or 6th GE switch today (I’ve lost count over the past 2 and half years). About half of the failed switches were still covered by the 2 year warranty, however, since they keep failing the same way (blinking LED and no on/off by z-wave or manually), I hope that the newer ones are more reliable. I do have a Lutron hub for some automated blinds… Perhaps I should go with Lutron instead? I certainly don’t want to have to buy/replace 18 switches every 3-4 years.


This isn’t normal. I had switches for years without failures. I would ask Jasco for recommendations.

Maybe your power isn’t “clean” thus causing them to fail prematurely. Only way to determine that is a device like Sense or Energy Curb but those can be expensive to purchase and install.

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I’ve had the same problem with GE/Jasco switches. Especially when I have to cut the breaker to work on something on the same circuit. Repowering the switch almost always kills it.

I’m glad to hear it’s not just me. I didn’t think it was normal either, however, the house is only 15 years old and we’ve lived here for 4 years now without any other issues (electrical or otherwise). Most have failed when the power cycled and/or a breaker was turned off and back on again. I did a search prior to posting this topic and didn’t see any other complaints so I wondered if it was just me.

I hesitate to start swapping out the switches with another brand as most are in groups of 2 or more (so a different style/color might be noticeable). If I have to replace another one in the near future, I’ll look into other brands.